OG  Design & Construction Consultant

או.גי. תכנון ניהול ובניה

    OG  Design & Construction Consultant

או.גי. תכנון ניהול ובניה


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CAT is a professional design and construction company specializing in the design and construction of projects in Israel, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.


CAT employs qualified and experienced experts, engineers, administration personnel and management of approx. 30. Currently, The Company is engaged in engineering and construction of civil projects in Israel.

The mission of the CAT is to offer wide range of integrated engineering and construction services based on up-to-date knowledge, quality assurance, safety, quality workmanship, cost awareness and on-time delivery. CAT major commitment is to build on experience and to expand using our capabilities and expertise in building development, hotels, residential developments, commercial development, industrial projects, villa communities, mixed use developments.

CAT specialises in the provision of Property & Project Development, Design, Construction, Site Supervision, Claims Management, and Site Project Management for Residential industrial and commercial buildings.


Industry Sectors

Office , Retail & Residential

Hotel, Leisure , Health & Education  

Industrial Development


We will continue to offer the same high quality of service and people that you have come to expect from us. We work closely with our Clients to ensure the most successful delivery of their project in terms of time, cost and quality.


Our featured projects

Following is the list of our highlight projects from the different regions listed, please feel free to explore our activities in these regions: Israel  -  Ukraine  -  Kazakhstan